Child Marriage in Nepal

  1. Child Marriage in Nepal

The Problem

Girls and boys as young as ten and eleven years are forcibly married in many communities Nepal in the name of honor and tradition. Both girls and boys are deprived of education as girls become pregnant at very tender ages and boys in most cases are forced to drop out of school in order to provide for his new family. As a result the practice of child marriage has ensured that generations of children are deprived of education and remain within the cycle of poverty and face the prospects of troubled lives and early deaths. Please watch this film to understand the problem.

Our Solution

Self-realization among the communities regarding the negative effects of child marriage is the first step towards the abolition of child marriages here. We have designed a campaign using films, art, drama and a door to door approach to engage communities that practice child marriage as a tradition. During the campaign, we use trained facilitators and psychosocial counselors while evaluating the effects that child marriage has had on their lives and the impacts it will have on the lives of their children.

The scale

To remove the ignorance surrounding child marriage, we want to reach one hundred thousand people with our message and are looking to raise US$100000 for the purpose. We value your support towards this goal of keeping adolescent boys and girls in school and away from the troubles that child marriage bring to their lives.

Watch Video

Photos of Past campaign

Listening to photo-voice stories on Child Marriage.

Screening film on Child Marriage in village square.

Listening to photo-voice stories on Child Marriage.

Gathering to discuss Child Marriage.

Interaction with school students.

Screening in progress.

Interaction on Child Marriage.

Villagers assembled for interaction on Child Marriage.

Interactions with students on Child Marriage

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